Website Maintenance Instructions

NOTE: spacing issues on content editor

  • Hitting ‘Enter’ button will do a double-space.
  • Holding ‘Shift’ and ‘Enter’ together will do a single space.
Edit a Page (about, services, contact...)
  • Login to admin (see ‘Hit by a Bus’ Worksheet)
  • Select ‘Pages’ from the left menu
  • Find and select the Page you want to edit
  • You’ll see the general layout of the page here – ‘Header’ on top, then other columns appropriately labeled in the dark gray boxes.
  • To edit a content area, click the 3 horizontal lines within the dark gray box. A window will popup – scroll down a little and you’ll see an editor area similar to a Word Document.
  • When done with edits, click blue ‘Save’ button at bottom. (This will close the popup editor).
  • Then click blue ‘Update’ button to the right to save the page.
Add a New Page
  • Login to admin (see “Hit by a Bus” Worksheet)
  • Select ‘Pages’ from the left menu
  • Click ‘Add New’ button
  • Add in a title and content below
  • Click ‘Publish’ button
  • Now we need to make it appear on the menu/navigation… Select ‘Appearance’ from left menu and then ‘Menus’
  • Make sure you are on the correct menu tab at the top (Main Menu should be labeled as such)
  • Scroll down a little and find the ‘Pages’ box. You should see the page you added at the top of the list. Click the checkbox and select ‘Add to Menu’ button.
  • The page will show up at the bottom of the menu structure. Click on it and drag it up to where it belongs. Indent it to make it part of a ‘drop-down’ menu.
  • Click ‘Save Menu’ button.
Add a New Post (blog or news items)
  • Login to admin (see “Hit by a Bus” Worksheet)
  • Select ‘Posts’ from the left menu
  • Click ‘Add New’ button
  • Add in a title and content below
  • Make sure you check the appropriate category box so the post shows up in the right place
  • If you have an image for the post, add a ‘Featured Image (bottom of right column).
  • Click blue ‘Publish’ button on the right
Add a New Product (Ecommerce or Catalog)
  • Login to admin
  • Select ‘Products’ from the left black menu
  • Click ‘Add Product’ button at the top
  • Add product name at top
  • Scroll down past the main content box. Check appropriate categories in right column.
  • In ‘Product Data’ section, add sku and price in general tab
    • Select ‘Attributes’ tab. Select an attribute from the drop-down and enter its information.
    • Repeat as needed for additional attributes.
    • Click blue ‘Save Attributes’ button
  • Add Product Image in the right column (this is the main photo for the product)
  • Add Product Gallery images below main photo (these will show up as thumbnails to click for larger versions).
  • Click blue ‘Publish’ button at top right of page.
Add an Image or PDF within a Post or Page
  • Login to admin
  • Open the page and content area (or open post) to edit
  • To add a PDF or an image to your content, click the ‘add media’ icon above the editor.
  • You will see the images/documents that have already been uploaded to the website. You can select one of those, or to add a new image/PDF, click the ‘Upload Files’ tab at the top.
  • Click the ‘Select Files’ button and find the file(s) you wish to upload on your computer.
  • When the file is uploaded it returns to the previous screen showing all your files now with your newest one first.
  • The checkbox for the new file should be selected. Now move to the far right column where you can edit the title.
    • For images… Feel free to edit the title, caption, alt text and description – but then make sure to scroll all the way down and select the alignment, ‘link to’ (select none unless you want them to be able to click on it to view larger – in which case select media file). And also select the size.
  • Click the blue ‘Insert into Page’ button.
Add a Link to a Post or Page
  • Login to admin
  • Open the post or page to add a link to
  • Highlight the text that you want linked and click the link icon (looks like two chain links hooked together).
  • Add the url you want to link to. Check the ‘open link in new window’ checkbox (if going to an external website). Can also link to another page within the website by clicking the ‘or link to existing content’.
  • Select ‘add link’ button.
  • Save